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Rollercoaster Junkies' Journal
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Date:2007-02-01 10:37
Subject:Mystery Mine
Mood: excited

Are you heading to Dollywood this year? You should not only for the Mystery Mine, but also for Thunderhead. I shall hopefully be there for Mystery Mine's opening weekend. This ride is going to have some awesome theming, a great layout, and going to be pure fun. I can't wait!- http://www.dollywood.com/mmine/



Speed: 46 mph

Duration: 2:30

Max Vertical Angle: 95 degrees

Stats Avail @:http://rcdb.com/id3609.htm

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Date:2006-06-01 12:04
Subject:Great coaster page!


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Date:2006-05-10 00:59
Subject:National Geographic Channel: Monday May 29th

8P SuperCoasters [TV-G]
Also airs: Tuesday, May 30
Saturday, June 3

10P SuperCoasters [TV-G]
Also airs: Saturday, June 3
Sunday, June 4

12A SuperCoasters [TV-G]
Also airs: Saturday, June 3
Sunday, June 4

2A Ultimate Thrill Rides [TV-G]
Also airs: Wednesday, June 14

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Date:2006-02-07 09:22

From the yet to be confirmed Dept.:

Pointbuzz members have stated the train has been moved. Not sure of the location of where it was moved from/to

To clarify, in my haste to get this up this morning (I am at work, typing in a very small window) the whole train is not being moved. This is an assumption, but back by the former WWL site to make room for the 2007 attraction. Cedar Point has stated there will not be any further pictures of the former site. So we will probably have to wait for some fan photos on opening day.

Earlier this month a U.S. patent was filed for the name Maverick by Cedar Fair L.P.

This name really goes with Frontier Town, don't you think?

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Date:2005-12-09 20:45
Subject:Are you ready?
Mood: hopeful

2005 was a spectacular year in the world of coaster enthusiast. BUT 2006 is looking to be no let down. Sixflags, although in the middle of a upper management free for all has announced some pretty Goliath attractions. Both Sixflags over Georgia and La Ronde are getting B&M hypers. Yeah I know, B&M hypers are not known for their overwhelming airtime, but hey they are known for fast and smooth transitions. Plus they have high capacities due to their 4 abreast seating.

Next on my list of must rides is Tatsu brought to you by Sixflags Magic mountain and B&M. The world's tallest and fastest flying coaster will be taking flight in spring of 2006. This huge flyer will be hugging the mountainous terrain of SMM while putting riders through 4 inversions including a 124ft pretzel loop. Does this announcement give you goosebumps?

Next you might want to consider heading down to Disney's Animal Kingdom for the unveiling of Expedition Everest. Although not breaking any thrill records, this attraction will be traveling both foward and backwards. Flying in and out of a massive mountain, this attraction will be reaching speeds of 50 miles per hour as it takes the whole family on an adventure they'll never forget.

Last but most certainly not least on this update I would like to remind you of El Toro. Fast and tall, just looking at the the CG images of this monster gives me the willies. Climbing to almost 200ft, this wooden beast will be reaching speeds of 70 mph on it 2 minute journey. Just imagine being 180ft in the air and sliding over the edge at 76 degrees. Oh yeah, this will get you adrenaline pumping. Having three hills that hit over 100ft within the first minute of the ride. We all got something to look forward to next year at Sixflags Great Adventure.

Check out some links I've got for you:
El Toro

Expedition Everest


Goliath (SFOG)

Goliath (La Ronde)

Happy clicking, have you joined ACE/ American coaster enthusiasts?

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Date:2005-09-24 20:47

Well the Point On-line seems to have a good Idea on what we will be seeing at Cedar Point next year.

Look at the red metal arches on top of VF's swingset:

Yet, I guess it rained and it sort of gave shape to whats under the Tarp at Cedar Point.

Credit to the user at www.pointbuzz.com

I am sort of hoping they have something else to pull out of their hat. This is way to similar to Max Air. If it is not an upcharge attraction and they put it in the main park, I hope this will not go in Frontier Town.

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Date:2005-09-23 16:07

Looks like CP may be getting a new ride something soon.


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Date:2005-09-13 08:21
Subject:Six Flags Astroworld...Farewell
Mood: grumpy

this makes me very angry...

Six Flags Astroworld to Close Permanently

Thanks for the Memories

after 37 years of operation, summer fun in Houston will be changed forever... *sniffle*

i'm 34 years old...all my life, it's where i'd go for summer break...when i was little, i thought every city had an amusement park in its "backyard"...

now if we want to have any fun, it will be just that much more money to spend on the 4-6 hour drive to the park, depending on which park to visit....Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio (about 4 hours away), or Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington (about 5-6 hours away)...that's a lot of gas money right there, not to mention the park's admission, plus money for a motel (because i know *I* don't wanna drive for 5 hours, stay at the park all day, then drive 5 hours back)

*sigh* oh well...

goodbye, Astroworld, you were fun while you were here

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Date:2005-05-20 00:20
Subject:More News
Mood: mellow

Some quick news for you:

Sixflags' newly clarified policy sends shockwaves through the coaster enthusiasts community. Sixflags has decided to publicize that this season there will be a disclaimer on all season passes, saying that if a sex offender visits they can be expelled from the park. This policy is not new, but Sixflags is bringing it to the media possibly due to the recently high publicized kidnapping cases. Many enthusiasts say this can be a good move for the corporation, explaining that the families that come to the park might feel more at home. Meanwhile an obvious minority of patrons are outraged; feeling like they are being discriminated against.

On a more personal note: I hope to take a coasterquest out to Wild Adventures in Valdosta,GA. I hope to ride the Cheetah, and Hangman while I'm down there. I wish all you coaster junkies the best on your coaster excursions as well.-Ciara

Today's Coaster in the spot is: Sky Wheel

This coaster is no ordinary design. Using the new, more open, and vulnerable feeling X-Cars, this ride is what extreme coaster junkies look for. Standing 150ft in the air, with an inverted or reverse heartline roll, and dive loop, this coaster was created with new and freshness of design in mind. One cannot explain the strangeness this coaster has achieved without a visual-http://rcdb.com/ig2773.htm. The location of this awesomely funny looking coaster is Skyline Park. With it's 50 second ride time, and possibility for expansion, this ride could thrill people like ourselves for ages.

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Date:2005-05-08 20:50
Subject:Sorry for the delay.....
Mood: bouncy

Hello fellow coaster freaks. The 2005 season is nearly in full swing. Cedar Pont recently opened its gates for the season, debuting MaxAir. The Huss manafactured giant frisbee is the latest thrill ride available to all adrenaline junkies. The ride's stats include- maximum swings of 140ft, 70 MPH, with a counter clockwise rotation. Checkout: http://cedarpoint.com/public/inside_park/rides/thrill/maxair/index.cfm.

Kingda Ka, world's tallest and fastest coaster is rumored to have delayed its opening date due to technical problems. According to Sixflags Great Adventure officials the ride is considered to be safer than expected, but due to techinical bugs in the system the ride's opening may be delayed. The rides stats include- 456ft tall, speeding at 128mph! This coaster is going to be quite intense to both ride and observe. No official ride lauch date has been released, but Sixflags has decided sometime in early summer.

Today's Coaster in the spot is: Medusa

Located at Sixflags Marine World, this B&M floorless is relentless. Standing at 150ft above the Northern California terrain this coaster is one of the prime examples of smoothness, and execution. As with most Sixflags theme parks the theme is mediocre at best, but the ride makes up for this weakness 10x over. Dropping its vulnerabal passengers off a 150ft incline, it takes them through 128ft loop, followed by a dive loop, zero-g roll, and 2 flat spin corkscrews. I'd totally recommend this ride to enthusiats whom love extreme inversions, mixed with almost too smooth execution.

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Date:2005-01-19 13:40
Subject:Coaster Census
Mood: tired

According to the RCDB there are approximently 1875 coaster worldwide. Did you know that over 700 hundred of those are in the United States?

Today's Coaster in the spot is: Canyon Blaster

The location of this ride is key: in the middle of the Adventure Dome in Las Vegas, NV. The coaster's stats aren't about much, but any coaster addict knows that if a coaster has plenty of head choppers it's going to be fun. The now defunct designers Arrow Dynamics created a indoor marvel. Standing 94ft and moving at speeds up to 41mph this ride is a visual masterpiece. Unfortunately, as with any Arrow Dynamics ride this coaster has gotten rough, and if it weren't for it's location I'd say it would be in need of being scraped.

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Date:2004-12-27 00:56
Subject:Orlando Ticket Prices Suck......
Mood: chipper

I am utterly shocked! I'd think if you'd want more business you'd lower your prices and increase goods, but apparently Disney thinks in reverse. That's right as of immediately ticket prices have increased on the one day/ single park passes to $54.75! That's $60 for one day of entertainment. Disney's excuse is that if you buy the multi-day pass the value will be alot better than one day. So that's what they try to you provoke into doing? Spend more time with them, and pay less, I don't think so.
To follow suit Universal decided to get in on the craze and raise one day entry to 59.74! Now that is ridiculous for one day. I guess you can say Universal can do it due to the high demand of admission, but still $65 for one day. When does it end, really when does it end?

Today's Coaster in the Spot is: Gwazi

Located at Busch Gardens Tampa, this dual track, wooden monster has a combined speed 100mph! You choose you fate between Lion or Tiger. They both start you off on a 90ft drop followed by several high speed fly-bys! The duration of the ride is 2 minutes 30 seconds, and the maximum G-force is 3.5. This coaster is recommended for the fun seeker, who likes little surprise moments of terror.

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Date:2004-12-25 23:24
Subject:I love positive G
Mood: creative

Hello there my name Abbott and I am a coaster entusiast. I opened this community as just a sounding board for coaster junkies like myself who just want to discuss the latest news and gossip of the industry.

Favorite Coaster: Mindbender,Sixflags Over GA

Favorite Park: Islands of Adventure

Favorite Designer: Bolliger & Mabillard

Favorite Type: B&M Sit-Down

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